After summer, my skin doesn’t look as good… What to do?

The summer provides unique skin care challenges. More sun can make us more tan. Is this good or bad? Culturally, it seems good. People like a “little color.” But for doctors, a little color can equal trouble.

We diagnose a skin cancer every 10 seconds in the U.S., so we highly recommend limiting unprotected sun exposure. This is a life lesson that we are seeing makes a huge difference. We want people to recommit to a skin care loving strategy. But how? 

First, is it important to you? If you are reading this, than the answer is YES! Just like how diet and exercise makes a difference for our general health, products and/or pro-cedures make a difference for our skin health. 

So, let’s start with products. But which products? If you take one piece of advice…wear sunscreen! It is the most important thing for your skin. PERIOD. Find one you love, and use it daily. 

This one behavior change will provide years of benefits and safety, if you want to look as young as you feel. Remember, your skin doesn’t look old because of smile lines or wrinkles. Your skin looks old and “dull” due to unwanted pigment or age spots. And, these are almost all caused by the sun. 

The only pigment that isn’t age related that is driven by the sun is melasma. This is also known as “the mask of pregnancy.” This is hormonally driven pig-ment that occurs along the forehead or mustache region in women. Improving this will help you love your skin and the methods are the same as anti-aging! 

So, let’s start a plan. Ask about our complimentary skin care evaluation and let’s get better skin for a better life®.


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