Effectiveness of Dermatologic Medicines


A. This is something we hear from time to time so let’s debunk this so we can get to the bottom of what may be going on. When patients say their medication isn’t working, one of three things is usually happening. Then we ask is ‘what medicine’? First, many times the patient gets the wrong medicine or there is a misunderstanding about how to take the medicine. Occasionally the pharmacy instructs incorrectly about way to take the medicine. So, we need to see you and the medicine together to have this conversation.

The second reason I see this happening is inaccurate usage of medicine.  This means that the patient was recommended to use the medicine twice a day but for whatever reason they are using it at a different amount or time frame than the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends.

Finally, yes I know it is hard to imagine, but I could be wrong and may have misdiagnosed you… Whaaaaat?  Say it ain’t so???? Sometimes, as we say in the biz, “Your rash didn’t read the textbook.”  So, we would see you and give you a new medicine or do additional testing.  So, if you have been given treatment and it is not meeting your expectations, come back and see us so we can make sure you have better skin for a better life®.

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