Visia Discovers Areas for Improvement

Q. I saw that you have something called Visia that shows more about your skin. How does it work?

A. That’s one of our favorite tools! It’s takes about 10 minutes and gives us all kinds of information. YOU will love it because you can see what the true underlying concerns may be right on the screen. Visia is also used to show you what happens after treatments or products are used so you can see their effectiveness.

The process is simple. Your makeup is removed and hair pulled back. Your chin rests on a..well, chin rest…and we start the scan.  In minutes you can see where you have wrinkles, brown spots, enlarged pores, etc.  This help us make the best possible recommendation for treatment – and it’s COMPLIMENTARY! Do yourself a favor and make an appointment for this evaluation if you want better skin for a better life®.

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