Ah, summer. Waves, pools and lakes. 90 plus degree weather. Chaos, mayhem and yet serene. How can summer be all these things? Well, it depends upon your vantage point. For parents, it is a time when kids are out of school and it “feels” like all the schedules go out the window. Later nights, less consistency, a feeling of “cra-cra” (that is pronounced cray-cray in the spirit of my daughter, Elsie). 

As summer steamrolls on, it makes me actually yearn for what’s next. What’s next when school is back in session? What’s next for fall? How about winter? 

Time keeps marching and it feels faster and faster. What’s next means seeing where you are today and wanting to be ready for the proverbial “next.” For those of you who meditate, there is a dichotomy. Awareness training suggests that the only time that matters is now. While you read this, breathe and focus. Really, there is nothing more than this very minute that you read these words. The word cra-cra is in the past and tomorrow is the future. The only way to get back to now is to realize that now is the only place to really be. 

So, if we want to be in the now, we should put our best face forward, now. This means comparing ourselves to the way we were yesterday. The value of yesterday is to know where we were and then focus on the now. Focus on being better, now. We do that at Sunflower Dermatology every day. We know that better skin leads to a better life. Assisting you to put your best face forward is what we do. We do it is because you depend on us just like we depend on you. 

How can you put your best face forward? 

Easy! Start with sunscreen daily. That simple. You just made your skin much healthier. After that, there are a myriad of ways to come back to now, be better than yesterday and look forward to tomorrow. Now is all there is. Let’s make it count! 


Brian Matthys, DO
Medical Director, Sunflower Dermatology & Medical Day Spa

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