People often come to us with a concern about a growth. We always strive to make sure patients don’t have skin cancer. And, since skin cancers usually are pain free, any growth could be a skin cancer. It is our privilege to care for people and to diagnosis and treat any potential of skin cancer.

Ultimately, our goal is to provide people with peace of mind. Trust is key to the experience we desire for each patient. We prioritize experience so that any time you have an existing or new growth, we are the first place you want to visit. I also want to talk about a different type of growth.

Recently, a dental colleague forwarded me an article outlining the different mindsets. There are essentially two mindsets. We are all either in a fixed or growth mindsets. Carol Dweck, Ph.D is an expert in this field and helped outline these two concepts in her book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. My takeaways about the differences are as follows. A person who has a fixed mindset avoids challenges, gives up easily, sees efforts as fruitless, ignores useful negative feedback and feels threatened by other’s success. The growth mindset, on the other hand, embraces challenges, persists in the face of setbacks, sees effort as a path to mastery, learns from criticism and finds lessons and inspiration in the success of others. Which one are you?

I am mostly a growth mindset person and I have to fight to not have a fixed mindset during some seasons of my life. Sometimes this is easy and sometimes it isn’t. Each of us have our own ways and times when we vacillate between the two. However, I know that a growth mindset is the way I want to live. I know it is the best place to be. Because of the growth mindset, we have created an environment to offer you better skin for a better life®.


Brian Matthys DO

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