For years and years, there have been controversies in dermatology about whether diet plays a role in skin concerns, especially acne. I have now practiced long enough (almost 20 years…YIKES) to see us vacillate to both sides.  Patients would present and say when they ate peanuts, they would break out or when they ate toast with jelly on Tuesday, there would be a problem.  It was really hard to know where the problem started. But one thing appears crystal clear now.  Diet does play a role on acne and most skin diseases.  Is it just chocolate?  Well, for you chocolate lovers, no.

What is known is that the glycemic index and glycemic load that matters most.  We see this in all skin conditions where inflammation is part of the condition. Think acne, rosacea, psoriasis, eczema.

What is the glycemic index?  It is a ranking of carbohydrates in food as it relates to how these carbohydrates effect blood sugar.  You can visit to learn more about which foods can be trouble for your skin.  It can be quite eye opening to see which foods have a glycemic index over 55 and thus a larger glycemic load.

As far as acne goes, dairy may also be an issue. So, we advise our patients to avoid dairy and get Vit D and Calcium either from supplements or almond milk.  But, not all almond milk is created the same so make sure and look at the back for protein, calcium and Vit D. Other non-dairy substitutes may also suffice.  Elsie, my 2 year old, loves almond milk and calls it her ‘special drink.’  We also give her a supplement of Vit D.  So, check out what you are eating and how it may affect your skin so you may have better skin for a better life®.

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