Fireworks, barbecues and the possibility of the three-day weekend are what most of us think about when it comes to the Fourth of July. Over the years the original intent of the holiday, freedom from the dictatorial rule by Great Britain and the birth of our nation, has been replaced by more celebratory aspects.


Not Losing Sight of Freedoms

Despite this, the remembrance of our freedoms is an important part of maintaining those freedoms. One aspect of this is having a reason to do so. Because of the foresight of our country’s founders, the people of the United States have the opportunity to make choices and have access to information that can literally be a matter of life and death.


As a result of these freedoms, we can awake each day to make a choice about how we want to eat, care for our families, and protect our health. For each of these areas we have access to numerous resources with the potential to allow a more pleasant life for ourselves and our loved ones. Often it is merely a matter of making a choice or choosing to take the time to make it happen.


Exercise the Right to Year-round Sun Protection

As U.S. citizens, we have the undeniable right to make choices about everything from what we eat to how we care for our bodies. Each day comes with the potential of decisions that could bolster or harm individual rights. Over time, these choices can add up to something very positive.


One example of this is the choice to protect our skin, the body’s largest organ. This protective element not only covers the skeleton that gets us from one place to the other, it also protects the organs of the body. Every day we can exercise the right to protect this vital element through actions such as exercise, good skin care and protection, and the consumption of quality foods.


Neglecting to make the right choice can have unintended negative effects. Too often wearing sunscreen is a cursory afterthought during an outing to the beach or a trip to an outdoor event. Over time, unprotected exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays becomes cumulative. UV rays are responsible for 86 percent of melanomas and 90 percent of non-melanoma skin cancer, according to a CDC study. Despite this, only 18 percent of men and 43 percent of women regularly make the choice to apply sunscreen to their face.


Declare Freedom from Sun Damage

  • Wear sunscreen SPF 30 or higher every day
  • Apply sunscreen 15 minutes before going outside
  • Don’t neglect to protect ears, scalp and feet
  • Put on sunscreen before getting dressed
  • Protect eyes with sunglasses
  • Wear sun-protective hats and clothing
  • Seek the shade when outside
  • Download the Ecosport App


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