Look and feel your best for the holidays and utilize your health benefits! 

The combination of in-office treatments and topicals is on trend in skin care and termed integrative skin care. I am passionate about this as I create customized treatment plans for patients. Integrative care is where health and beauty meet! 

The concept of integrative skin care is to provide a comprehensive and personalized, integrated treatment plan and maintenance regimen that includes medical therapies, procedures such as lasers, chemical peels, microneedling, injectables, and cosmeceutical agents to cultivate optimal results. 

Want to look your best for the holidays and maintain it for the new year? A fresh, youthful look can be achieved with my favorite laser, Fraxel, to resurface sun-damaged skin and types of precancerous lesions. 

Injectable products can soften unwanted lines and folds. Chemical peels and Hydrafacials can provide an increased glow and brighten the skin. Healthy and beautiful skin must be maintained at home with a customized skin care routine, designed specifically to target concerns and skin type. Antioxidants, sunscreens and Custom D.O.S.E. serums are an incredible way to achieve lasting skin health and beauty at home.

I am passionate about integrating a medical approach to skin care. Most health benefits start over with the turn of the new year so now is a great time to get in for any medical skin care needs. In fact, HSA/FSA benefits can be used for medically needed products. 

We look forward to providing you with better skin for a better life® by using an integrative approach 


Dr. Menser & Your Sunflower Skincare Experts

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