Fall is a beautiful time of year. The air is getting colder, kids are going back to school, the leaves are changing colors, the Kansas City Chief’s football season has returned and pumpkin spice is back on the menu! It’s also the best time to schedule Laser Hair Removal.

Wait. What? Yes, you read that right. The perfect time of year to eliminate all of your unwanted body hair is during the fall and winter months. This time of year allows skin to lose its tan, which is important for laser Intense Pulse Light (IPL) treatments to work effectively. IPL Laser Hair Removal Treatment focuses a beam of penetrating light that targets the hair follicles in the dermis layer of the skin. If a person’s skin is darker than their natural skin tone, the IPL laser will mistakenly target their tanned skin instead of the hair follicle.

Hair must be present in the hair follicles for laser treatment to work. It is okay to shave as usual prior to your appointment but important to refrain from waxing or tweezing for up to six weeks.

Where on the Body can I Have Laser Hair Removal?

Unwanted hair growth on body parts can make individuals self-conscious. The Staff at Sunflower Dermatology understands how important it is for our patients to feel comfortable in their skin. Starting treatment in the fall and winter months will have your skin silky smooth and ready to reveal when the warmer weather returns. As with any other service that we provide, we recommend that all of our patients schedule an Annual Skin Exam before laser treatments. Once concerning Skin Conditions, like Skin Cancer, are ruled out, we can focus on the laser hair removal process.

Laser treatments are great for targeting:

Back Hair Removal
Back hair is one of the hardest to reach regions on the body. Grooming the back is a challenging endeavor. Laser hair removal can permanently eliminate the hair from this region. Our clients feel confident once they’ve undergone this life-changing procedure.

Chest Hair Removal
The rate of hair growth on the chest area can be very swift. If you prefer a smooth aesthetic in the chest area, Sunflower Dermatology’s laser hair removal is for you. Once the skin on your chest is free of hair, you can better show off your physique, and not worry about stubble scratching your loved ones.

Breast Hair Removal
Many women feel self-conscious about growing hair on their chest. Although this is perfectly natural for many it doesn’t have to be a life sentence for those who want to rid themselves of hair in this area. We understand how our patients can be sensitive about having unwanted hair on their breasts and areolas. Laser hair removal can banish these hairs, granting our clients more body confidence.

Facial Hair Removal
Around the world, shaving is a daily ritual for many men. Most men grow facial hair in one form or another. However, facial hair can appear on women as well. Common factors that cause women to grow facial hair are shifts in hormonal levels (i.e., pregnancy or menopause) but genetics can also be a factor. Eventually, almost every woman produces an unwanted follicle in the center of their face. A quick tweezing and the evidence is gone. However, up to 7 percent of women grow an uncomfortable amount of facial hair,

[1] and many are uncomfortable about facial hair growth. Waxing is a viable option for hair removal. Shaving is also an option, however regrowth produces scratchy stubble. IPL laser hair treatment is perfect for individuals who want to permanently remove the growth of hair on lips, chins, cheeks, and eyebrows.

Arms, Underarm/Armpit Hair Removal
Shaving under the arms is a common practice for both men and women. The reasons vary from comfort, to increased athletic performance, or just a preferred aesthetic. Regardless of the reason, if you favor a hairless aesthetic for your arms, underarms, hands, or knuckles consider Sunflower Dermatology’s IPL laser hair treatment. You can go sleeveless, assured that no rogue hair will subdue your confidence.

Bikini Area Hair Removal
Shaving and waxing hair around the pubic area can be uncomfortable and sometimes hard to manage. Laser hair removal is safe to use around the genitalia. If you are someone who enjoys smooth skin around your bikini area, Sunflower Dermatology can help you with IPL Laser Hair Removal.

Groin Hair Removal
Manscaping can be a difficult task to perform, considering the sensitive nature of the area. IPL laser hair treatment is the perfect alternative for removing genital hair. It is safe for use in the genital area and it allows men to maintain a bare aesthetic without the time-consuming upkeep.

Buttock Hair Removal
The butt can be an awkward place to clear away unwanted hair, especially where more sensitive, harder to reach follicles reside. If you’re regularly shaving or waxing your rear, you should consider laser hair removal. We can banish unwanted hair in a comfortable, relaxing setting.

Leg Hair Removal
It has been a common practice for women to shave their legs since the early twentieth century. It has also become more common for men to shave their legs for athletic or aesthetic reasons. Removing your leg hair everyday can take a significant amount of time. If you enjoy the sensation of smooth, hairless legs without all the work that goes into it, IPL Laser Hair Removal is a great option.

DAVID BODE, C. M. (2012, February 15). Hirsutism in Women. Retrieved from https://www.aafp.org:

No downtime. Normal activities may be resumed. Avoid exfoliating treated areas or using products with AHA or BHA’s and retinols on the treated area (alpha or beta hydroxyl acids). Sunscreen is a must. Some minor swelling may occur. Some patient report the sensation of a minor sunburn for a day or two.

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Laser Hair Removal Treatments are performed by Licensed Aestheticians, Bailey Kopp and Taylor Wilson as well as Dr. Brian Matthys, Dr. Molly Menser and Dr. Nicholas Rudloff at our Riverside Location.

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