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When 2020 arrives, moisturize! 

For some of us, one of winter’s biggest challenges can be dry skin, also known as xerosis. Decreased oil production from sebaceous glands in our skin can cause dry skin (xerosis) which manifests as tight, rough, itchy, flaky or red skin. Treating xerosis helps our skin retain moisture and elasticity and keeps us healthier. 

There are many factors that cause or contribute to xerosis, but not all of them are avoidable. Medical conditions including but not limited to diabetes, hypothyroidism, atopic dermatitis and malnutrition can all contribute to dry skin. Additionally, certain medications, aging, hard or chlorinated water and decreased oil production may contribute to dry skin. Several avoidable xerosis triggers include dehydration, excessive sun exposure, over bathing with hot water, and harsh skin products. 

I am passionate about addressing dry skin with patients because developing a basic skin care regimen can offer great relief. Some easy but effective treatments include hydrating daily, moderating sun exposure, moisturizing skin daily and avoiding products that contain fragrance, dyes and chemicals. Please be sure to address any dry skin concerns at your next visit. 


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