Acne is the #1 cause of skin problems in the US. Over 50% of people struggle with this at some time in their lives. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some control over how your skin looks from day to day? Well, here is some “secret information” courtesy of Sunflower Dermatology and Medical Day Spa.

Any foods that raise your need for insulin production can increase your acne. These are foods that have a high glycemic index.

Below are groups of food that have a high glycemic index… Steer clear of these in excess, and you have a chance a better skin for a better life®

  • Soft drinks, sports drinks, and fruit juices
  • White bread, pasta, rice, noodles, and bagels
  • Potatoes and potato chips
  • Pretzels, crackers, and cookies
  • Pizza and pancakes
  • Cakes and most baked goods
  • Commercial cereals
  • Dates and raisins
  • Watermelon
  • Most candy
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