Isn’t everyone trying to tell us what is best? From the best vacation spot, to the best car, to the best skin care products…but what does “best” mean? The word “best” is defined as the highest of quality, excellence, or standing. Or, the most advantageous, desirable or suitable. But again, what does that mean? Is it absolute? 

I bring this up because I believe we are in a convenience crisis. This means that we—myself included—attempt to focus our energy in trying to do what is most convenient versus what is hard or what is best. John Kennedy’s famous speech about putting men on the moon was about doing things because they are hard versus doing something that is easy. Is easy the same as convenient? Not technically, but things that seem easy may be more convenient. But they aren’t synonyms. 

Are you wondering where I am headed? Well, this convenience crisis is fundamentally changing our efforts at work. It is robbing the general population of our patience to do hard work over long periods of time for great success. Would you cook a ribeye steak in the microwave?

There is has never been more health or beauty “hacks” to get fast results. Just Google “great skin” or “flat stomach” and you will find millions of solutions. It can be hard to remember that there are no “hacks” for great patient care. It takes time, focus and is sometimes inconvenient like that great steak. But, my hope is that giving you better skin for a better life® is worth the time and you can then put your BEST face forward.


Brian Matthys, DO
Medical Director, Sunflower Dermatology & Medical Day Spa

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