Female Patients Want Choices

Hair loss? Moles? Acne? Dry itchy skin? Scaly bumps? Dark sun spots? Warts? Excessive sweating? Thinning eyelashes? Scaly scalp? Wrinkles? Rashes? What skin care products should I use? These are only a few of the common concerns that we take seriously in our female patients.

As a female dermatologist, I have the honor of caring for a wide variety of skin concerns in female patients. That is why we are committing this month’s newsletter to women’s skin health. Furthermore, Sunflower Dermatology is introducing an initiative dedicated to the skin health of women. This includes access to female providers for your skin care concerns. You can take comfort in having your full skin exam performed by a female. I would like to introduce our astute, talented and compassionate physician assistant, Lynn Swafford. She and I collaborate to provide exceptional and thorough dermatologic care to our patients. In fact, it is not uncommon to be seen by both of us at your visit. Our goal is to provide you with solutions so you can enjoy better skin for a better life®.

Do you feel uncomfortable sharing your concerns with a male healthcare provider? Too often, women overlook or suppress their skin concerns out of modesty. There are concerns hidden by our clothing or hair style that we would rather not show anyone, even a male physician. I have seen women living miserably with years of discomfort because they were not made to feel comfortable to share their skin concern. In addition, studies have shown that half of all skin cancers are identified on a skin exam when a patient comes in for a different problem. If my female patients are not made to feel comfortable to show their skin, skin cancer may not identified. Studies also indicate that the sooner a melanoma is identified, the better the outcome. Hence, women should feel comfortable showing all of their skin.

At Sunflower Dermatology, there is always a female provider available to care for your skin. Lynn and I invite you to get comfortable and show your skin. Let us help you address your concerns. You can have better skin for a better life®.


Dr. Molly Menser

Dermatologist, Wife, Mama, Founder of a non-profit skin cancer awareness organization, and  Shoe Enthusiast

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